E-cigarette and its Ever Lasting Popularity

E-cigarette and its Ever Lasting Popularity

Tobacco with a stimulant named as ‘nicotine’ has gained a lot of popularity around the world from a long time. The tobacco industry is very big with a lot of countries having tobacco as an important part of their revenue. The 6.7 million ton global production is mainly shared by three countries, China, India, Brazil and the United States of America. There are few other countries with comparatively less production rate too. Globally Tobacco products are an important trade items and there are many multi-national companies in the Tobacco industry providing different variety of products today. Consumed in different ways tobacco products are common everywhere in the world and is completely legal.

The common tobacco today was once only native to the American continent. Back then the Native American where the only one who had access to these corps and were widely used. According to history record tobacco had an important part on their culture and they used it as a medicine and were also part of their religious occasions. The spread of Tobacco to other communities happened after the visit of Christopher Columbus to the American continent. It was said that the American Indians gifted Columbus with tobacco on their encounter with him. After Columbus more and more people started to sail to America from Europe and eventually Tobacco became one of their important trades.

After the European sailors bought home American tobacco it started became common in Europe and eventually the wide-spread of tobacco trade started. The believe that the tobacco consumption can be a cure for a lot of health condition boosted the trade to a big extend. This belief made the entry of tobacco usage in to a lot of communities. At a time tobacco were also used as currency in some colony due to its high value. But eventually researchers started coming out with proof that the consumption of tobacco can lead to a lot of health issues and diseases. But by the time tobacco use was wide-spread with a lot of ways to consume tobacco.

Today a lot of movements are being done to make people aware of the negative effects of tobacco. But the tobacco industry is still big with a lot of products and regular users of them. In such a situation the best way to tackle all the negative effects to an extend at least is by finding out a safer way to consume the product. E-cigarettes came as the best and safest alternative to cigarettes usage a few years back.

E-cigarettes are really common today and are abundantly available around Australia. The number of users are turning in to e-cigarettes are increasing everyday as it can give you the feel of cigarette smoking and at the same time is safer than them. These portable devices using e-liquid that can be refilled. There are a lot of models available in both design and usage. There are usage and throw devices to rechargeable one available in the market today. As these devices produce vapour instead of smoke it is healthier than any other way of tobacco consumption.